Apple’s WWDC 2022 will take place from June 6. An analyst suggests that the Cupertino company could unveil its new MacBook Air M2 in addition to software announcements at the opening conference.

WWDC is always an opportunity for Apple to present its new software, such as the next version of iOS or MacOS. However, the MacBook Air M2 may be an honored guest for the 2022 edition.

Mark Gurman, Bloomberg’s well-informed and often able to make predictions, is the one who takes on this risk. For him, Apple is planning for a presentation of the new MacBook Air. He said that the long-awaited virtual headset would not be presented.

Over the past few months, we have been hearing more and more about Apple’s virtual reality headset and its OS, Reality OS. Many see the company going all out on this at its conference, which Mark Gurman doesn’t believe, as he states in his newsletter:

“In terms of new products…although Apple is focused on its mixed reality headset – as shown in the demo at the company’s last board meeting – I will be very careful about a proper presentation for the developers and consumers starting next week. “


MacBook Air M2

However, Gurman is more optimistic for the MacBook: “If there is a product presentation at WWDC; it will definitely be on the Mac side. The company intends to unveil the MacBook Air M2 during the conference. This has been complicated by the recent chip production crisis caused by COVID. However, Apple employees have already started using the new MacBook Air M2 at work. This is a sign that the announcement is near.”

It is clear that Mac will announce any announcements. The MacBook Air M2 will be a highly anticipated product from Apple, especially with its new chip. It is worth noting that in 2020, Apple made the decision to abandon all collaboration with Intel and develop its own CPUs. A risky bet… but one that paid off.

The Wall Street Journal, citing well-informed anonymous sources, recently reported that Apple wants to increase the production of components for its devices – iPhone and MacBook – outside of China. This desire was expressed by the company to several of its contractors.

The Wall Street Journal reports that India and Vietnam are likely to be among the applicants for the expansion. The publication notes that Apple’s desire to reduce the production of components in China is due to strict anti-virus measures; which are introduced by the PRC authorities from time to time, sometimes completely closing entire cities.

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