Madonna and Beeple launch a new, exclusive NFT collection

Beeple sold the highest-selling NFT ever. What’s he doing now? Well, he has been working with Madona on a collection of digital renders of her naked body with animations of various objects coming out of her vagina… All as NFTs, of course.

The digital artist and the pop singer/sex symbol joined forces to release the exclusive collection “Mother of Creation,” which showcases three distinct motherhood-inspired facets of life.

NFT Collection To Celebrate Motherhood

The “Mother of Creation” collection is quite exclusive. There are only three single-edition NFTs in the collection, which all contain videos of Madonna giving rise to essential aspects of humanity.

The first NFT is named “Mother of Nature” and focuses on plant life. Madonna is seen in the video giving birth to a tree from a laboratory bed.

The second NFT is titled “Mother of Evolution” and focuses on animal life. Madonna is shown naked in this image, sitting in a modified car in the middle of a crumbling town with her legs extended and butterflies emerging from her intestines.

And the third NFT, titled “Mother of Technology,” focuses on technological advances and shows Madonna (totally naked, of course) lying in the middle of a forest with a series of biomechanical centipedes coming out of her vagina and walking up and down her arms.

If you’re interested in any of these works of art, you’ll have to wait until May 11 to participate in the auction to be held at Superrare.

Unique Collection with a Good Cause

While Madonna’s NFTs are, to say the least, peculiar, the theme and execution of the animations are very much consistent with the style that has characterized both artists. The renderings have that bizarre touch typical of Beeple’s work, and the eroticism has never left Madonna in her more than three decades of musical and artistic career. According to the New York Times, however, the pop diva said that her provocative NFTs are not just a whim.

“I never want to be provocative just for the sake of provocation. They are an example of hope. They stand for technology.”

To learn more about the explanation of the concept behind each work, you can visit the project’s official website.
For his part, Beeple assured that he had no plans to make collaborations “for a very long time”, something that gives a more exclusive touch to this collection.

The proceeds of this collection will be donated to three different charities: The Voices of Children Foundation (which provides aid for the Ukranian children), the City of Joy Foundation (which helps victims of violence in Congo) and Black Mama’s Bail Out (which helps incarcerated caregivers).

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