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MacRumors recently quoted a Reddit user saying that Microsoft Xbox can now be used to join Apple FaceTime calls via the TV. This feature is currently not available for Apple TV.

The Reddit user described how the Xbox could be used to make FaceTime calls from the TV in the post. The setup is simple. A Logitech C930 webcam connects to an Xbox Series S. To join FaceTime, the user simply uses the Microsoft Edge browser on his Xbox. After that, he navigates directly to the email provider and then opens the email with the FaceTime link.

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This setting can theoretically only be applied from any device with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge installed, thanks to the FaceTime Link. Apple introduced FaceTime Link last year in iOS 15, iPad OS 15 and macOS Monterey. This allows non-Apple users, such as Android smartphones and Windows computers to join FaceTime calls without the need of a dedicated app.


Apple TV’s TV devices cannot make FaceTime calls because they don’t include a FaceTime app or an additional port to connect a phone to a camera. AirPlay is the only way to make FaceTime calls from Apple TV. However, video content from the host device will be streamed during the call. It won’t make any sense.

We learned that Apple is working on a new connected TV box featuring an integrated HomePod speaker, FaceTime camera and a HomePod speaker. Bloomberg stated that this product is still in its early stages of development and has not yet been launched. It could even not see the light of day.

However, if this rumor is true, it should offer the features that Apple TV boxes are known for. We can also mention video streaming apps and gaming consoles, smart speaker capabilities, and a camera to monitor smart home security.

This combination is a natural progression. To talk to Siri, you must hold the mic button on your remote for the Apple TV. It would be much easier if Apple TV were always listening.

Apple’s competitors have also launched similar products – Roku Streambar and Amazon Fire TV Cube.

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