Mambu and Brim Financial team up to offer modern digital banking

Brim’s robust and modular platform as a service (PaaS) technology and credit card infrastructure connects with Mambu’s cloud-native composable banking platform to deliver transformative and comprehensive products. Additionally, Brim’s digital experience and full suite of card capabilities for both businesses and consumers, virtual cards and digital payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay will now be seamlessly integrated with Mambu’s platform.

These platforms allow for faster development and delivery digital-first banking solutions, embedded finance products and alternative lending models like buy now, pay late (BNPL) and next generation cards. Customers can now bring their solutions to market more quickly, reduce cost barriers, and scale effectively. This is a boost for digital transformation and financial innovations.

“We are partnering with Mambu to redefine banking services in North America,” said Rasha Katabi, CEO & Founder, Brim Financial. “In today’s fast evolving landscape, FIs, fintechs and non-FIs are looking for speed to market and real-time innovation. We provide comprehensive card and bank solutions that allow customers to quickly bring new products and services to market for both businesses and consumers. We are well positioned to be at the forefront of this transformation that’s shaping the way we live, connect and engage for decades to come.”

Mambu’s Head of Partners, North America, Cyrus Taheri, said, “We have a lot of synergy with Brim and, together, we are uniquely positioned in the market to support financial institutions through their digital strategy, by creating a seamless embedded finance experience. The partnership bridges gaps in the market and drives digital innovation. It also brings significant benefits to customers. Our core value proposition is to offer a complete platform that can quickly be deployed. Our capabilities can be consumed in their entirety or ‘a la carte’, giving a very unique proposition able to accelerate time to market, but also enabling the much-needed flexibility for innovation and change. Together, we can help institutions rapidly compose and launch best in class banking experiences.”

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