Mangata Networks Raises $33M in Series A Funding

Mangata Networks, a Phoenix, AZ-based satellite data service provider, raised $33m in Series A funding.

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Playground Global led the round. Temasek, which is headquartered at Singapore, was also involved in the round.

The funds will be used by the company to expand operations and to help establish initial community networks. This is the goal for 2023.

Mangata’s CEO Brian Holz and Executive Vice President and CXO Juliette Neu are leading the charge. They use an innovative architecture that includes HEO (highly orbital orbit) and MEO(medium earth orbit), satellite constellations, and a terrestrial network of 5000 microdata centers to provide B2G and/or B2B connectivity.

The company has developed a patent-pending architecture that connects micro data centers via satellite. It hosts cloud service platforms and can extend connectivity to local 5G, IoT, and Wi-Fi networks worldwide. Before the launch of its first satellites, initial community networks will be in place by 2023. Customers will be able to test use cases and conduct commercial trials prior to service being launched.

The company will establish multiple trial networks in different parts of the world in order to start product testing and evaluation before its first launch. This includes South Korea, Seattle’s 5G Open Innovation Lab, and Scotland 5G Centre.

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