Intella, a market research startup, raises $1million Seed round

Intella, MENA’s first real-time intelligence provider, has announced a $1 million seed financing round, led by Hala Ventures, with participation from Falak Startups, powered by the Egyptian Ministry of International Cooperation and its venture capital arm, Egypt Ventures. Other investors such as Beyond Capital, and many renowned angel investors have also participated in the funding.

As a forward-thinking, digitally native market research platform built to cater for today’s ever evolving world that is increasingly relying on data, Intella offers real-time, on-demand intelligence and market research for a wide variety of clients. These clients include financial institutions, government entities, startups, and SMEs in the areas of financial technology, banking and marketing, education, logistics, and automobiles throughout the MENA region. This includes Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Intella was founded in 2021 by Omar Mansour and Nour Altaher. It has so far succeeded in disrupting traditional market models by providing real-time, credible, and reliable research that is accessible to all types and budgets.

Commenting on the announcement, Co-founder and CEO of Intella, Nour Altaher, said: “We are thrilled to begin this new chapter of Intella’s journey. This investment will strengthen our growth strategy. It will also give us the chance to help other organizations gain better insight into their markets. With the help of such funding, we will be able to attract the best calibres and expand on the platform’s technology and current offerings by launching a Platform as a Service (PAAS) and developing new AI-based predictive analytic tools. This will ultimately help Intella ramp up its capacity to capture 1.2M+ data points per day, while growing its panellist engagement platform to reach 500K verified users.”

Intella’s Co-Founder & CTO, Omar Mansour, also commented saying: “Intella is a real technological innovation, offering predictive machine-learning and analytic models based on new pattern discovery and big data, which has proved to be of unparalleled value for companies aiming at making informed decisions, and meeting the needs of their customers promptly. Since our inception, we have worked to provide companies with real time market research using the most recent AI technologies. We are aware of the power of technology in market research enhancement and are keen to provide analysis tools to our clients that can provide quick, precise insights as well as increase the efficiency and availability of resources for companies.

Ali Abussaud (founding managing partner at Hala Ventures) stressed the importance of AI in improving the productivity and efficiency of businesses. He also confirmed that Hala Ventures has great faith in Intella’s competence as well as the great value it will add to market research, based on the advanced analysis tools and data it provides to companies, ultimately helping them to make informed business decisions and better market strategies.”

Intella was launched in 2021 and has provided insights to clients from a variety of sectors including startups, SMEs and top-tier consultancies. The company has also partnered with Impact Partners and Itmam to publish Saudi Arabia’s first “Tech and Entrepreneurship Perception Report”, with hundreds of decision makers and prominent figures participating in assessing conceptual gaps and taking part in the research.

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