Nova Battles partners with MaskEX to grow new supply activities

The partnership between MaskEX and Nova Battles, announced at the start of 2022, is now growing and bearing its fruit. From now on, gamers and crypto lovers can experience the joy of each passion under one roof – MaskEX.

The partnership serves to develop the options for each platform’s users while supplying additional activities through cross transits, such as an initial coin offering (ICO) on the MaskEX provided by Nova Battles. Nova Battles also offers services in collaboration with MaskEX. For more information, please click here.


Founded in 2021, MaskEX օffers smart, intuitive and innovative online trading (Spot trading, Futures trading (Copy, USDT-M, COIN-M, Option), OTC, Margin trading, and much more) with user-friendliness and great performance. It holds a MSB financial license in Canada, and provides a licensed legal trading platform.

Built to be one of the most secure and private Crypto exchanges globally with multiple layers of safety, MaskEX adopted the slogan “Your Wallet, Your Way” to reflect its mission to play an essential role in a free economic system by providing the masses with financial anonymity and autonomy.

Both the desktop and mobile versions were designed with novice traders in mind, but also address the needs of more experienced traders.

NoVa Battles

Nova Battles, a MOBA mobile game that is team-based and built on Blockchain technology, is called “Team Battles”. Anyone can play this game and earn money while they play. This game will be a breakthrough because of the use of NFTs, blockchain technology’s transparency, and decentralization.

Nova is an infinite universe that is home to many warriors that battle to obtain the true power of the universe – the precious ores called Nova. There are special NVA tokens that are used as rewards for enhancing a player’s earning rate based on their account level and NoVa Soul level. Every battle, every warrior wears his soul on the sleeves. Through each victory or defeat the warrior’s Nova soul grows. The stronger the soul – the more energy the warrior has; to continue battling. As a result, the warriors obtain pieces of the universe’s precious Nova ores that allow the warriors to unlock their true potential and ultimate power!


Companies were initially united by a passion and belief in blockchain. Nowadays, companies’ end goal is to bring the best of both worlds and inject blockchain as an autonomous system for the game’s development.

About MaskEX

MaskEX is an online crypto wallet and trading platform that caters to both novice and experienced crypto enthusiasts. The exchange has a Canadian MSB financial license and provides a legal trading platform. Under the slogan “Your Wallet, Your Way”, the company’s vision is to play an essential role in a free economic system by providing the masses with financial anonymity and autonomy.

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