MegaRobo Technologies Closes US$300MM Series C Financing

MegaRobo Technologies, an automation solution provider based in Beijing, China, has raised $300M through Series C funding.

The round was led Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Asia Investment Capital and GGV Capital. Sinovation Ventures and Pavilion Capital participated.

The company intends to use the funds to continue its R&D investment, capacity increasing and global expansion.

Led by CEO Mr. Daniel Huang, MegaRobo has empowered the life sciences industry with a complete suite of automation solutions ranging from benchtop workflow automation for work flow to fully automated platform for complex work flow in large system journey applications, further penetrating into the next-generation life sciences infrastructure system for R&D and AI drug development services. Its workflow automation combines AI software, analysis instruments, hardware, consumables, and other applications to integrate different processes and apps. Adopted in multiple countries around the world, MegaRobo’s products can improve efficiency for clients compared to conventional approach in various life sciences applications including antibody selection, cell line development and molecular screening.

The company has collaborated with life sciences companies to build the infrastructure and platform to optimize R&D process and improve efficiency. CELLada has been a partner of the company in organoids. This partnership allows for high-throughput, large-scale cultivation and testing. Many organoids have been successfully cultivated. These include heart organoids that beat with 2-bands and are typical chambers and brain organoids that have ventricles and clear neural structure. In cell & gene therapy, MegaRobo has jointly developed integrated automation solutions for synthetic biology and biopharmaceutical R&D with Agilent Technologies.


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