Meta Shuts Down Facebook’s Sparked Video Speed Dating Service

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In 2019, Facebook made the decision to test and Get into the online dating scene. The couple decided to increase their offering in 2021 by launching a video speed dating service. Known as Sparked. It appears that it was a temporary experiment, as Meta announced that the service will be closing down.

Sparked wasn’t a Facebook product in its entirety, to be fair. It was created by the New Product Experimentation division of Facebook. This is where new product ideas are tested before they decide if they should be pursued.

Sparked is a place where Sparked would host events with locals. Participants will then be able to meet up via video and go on virtual speed dating. It seemed like a great idea, given the current pandemic and how difficult it is to meet new people.

It seems that the platform didn’t really take off, which led to its closing. The company sent users an email saying, “We built Sparked in 2020 to help people find true love.” We have improved our processes, learned a lot, and made connections with people thanks to your feedback and regular input. Some ideas take off, while others, such as Sparked, end in failure .”

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