META to face a lawsuit about allegedly collecting 44 Million users DATA

Meta, Facebook’s parent company is currently facing a class-action lawsuit in the United Kingdom. The claim has a value of over 2.3 billion pounds (about US$3.2 billion). It is accused of using 44 million users’ personal data to abuse its market dominance. Liza Lovdahl Gormsen is a senior advisor to Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority and a competition law scholar. She said that she filed the case for Britons who used Facebook between 2015-2019.

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The Competition Appeals Tribunal will hear the lawsuit in London. Facebook (Meta), has earned billions of pounds through unfair terms and conditions that require consumers to accept them. Users are forced to give up their personal information to gain access to the network and to the court to enforce these terms.

Gormsen says that Facebook has been the UK’s only social network where friends and families can connect in one place for 17 years. Facebook has its dark side. It abuses its market dominance and status and imposes unfair terms on ordinary Britons. Meta (Facebook), is granted the right to access their personal data under these terms.

Facebook claims that users use its services because they are able to find value in them. It also claims it has “effectively control over the information on Meta’s platform …”..” Facebook’s attempts to stop the Federal Trade Commission from launching an Antitrust lawsuit against it was stopped by the U.S. government just a few days ago. This is the largest U.S. government challenge to a tech company for decades. The U.S. government is currently trying to limit big tech companies’ market power.


In order to find out which brands and companies performed better than others, many authoritative companies conduct surveys each year. Yahoo Finance is one of these. It evaluates the activity of companies and takes into account their market performance as well as other achievements. Yahoo Finance released a statement claiming that Microsoft has become the “king” and reached $2 trillion in market capitalization. Facebook (Meta), the worst company in the year (2021), “outruns” all its competitors.


First, let us remind you that Facebook (Meta), was under antitrust scrutiny. Insiders claim that the company was neglecting safety concerns in order to grow. Zuckerberg is frequently contacted by the US Congress for clarification. Too many complaints have been made about the company’s policies and approach to misinformation.

Some users complain about censorship. You will probably agree with us that Facebook users can talk about anything and everything they like. Instagram’s photo-sharing platform has received a lot of criticism from Facebook users. Facebook users believe that there is little control over Facebook’s content. This could be a problem for children and young people.

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