Meta’s first offline retail store opens fully developing metaverse

According to CNBC reports, Meta’s first offline store is now officially open. According to the report, the store covers an area of around 139.3 meters. The store currently displays three devices: Quest 2, Portal, and Ray-Ban Stories. In-store, customers can try Quest 2, Portal, and Ray-Ban Stories. Quest 2 includes a Meta VR headset. Previously, Qualcomm’s CEO said that according to third-party data, the sales of the headset have exceeded 10 million units.

Meta Oculus Quest 2

Portal allows users to test their video calling abilities with store staff. Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses can take photos and videos, and then share them on social media.

After Zuckerberg announced the full development of the “metaverse”, the company showed its determination and drive to develop VR (virtual reality), after Oculus officially changed its name to Meta. The offline store opening this time is also to allow more consumers to experience the company’s products and like VR.

Martin Gilliard, head of the Meta store, told CNBC that the store is designed to let consumers try Meta’s products because they have to experience the products to really understand. At the same time, the store has established different environments to imitate the user’s real use environment. The company will be able to gain more real feedback from customers, which can lead to improvements in the future.

Meta chose to open its first offline shop downstairs at Reality Labs, instead of opening it on a busy street. Meta is not the only company to open VR retail stores offline. Pico, a Chinese brand, has opened numerous offline stores.


Meta opened the first Metaverse XR Asia base a few days earlier. Specifically, this base is in Taiwan and it will Promote XR policy discussions and industrial exchanges. XR can be used to describe VR, AR, or MR. It encompasses all of the features mentioned above. These three technologies may have their technical features derived or intersected through their development.Zuckerberg renames company Meta

Meta is built on three components: talent cultivation and work development. This is done in an effort to increase the market and create an XR industry environment. Meta will promote the creation of original XR content as well as the use of cutting-edge technology. It will also help to cultivate local XR creator groups.

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