Meta’s smartwatch would have 3 camera sensors and a detachable rotating screen

1635534577 Meta works on a smartwatch to rival the Apple Watch

Rumors and leaks about a connected watch under development at Meta (Facebook) have been going around for over a year. The subject has been mentioned several times in our articles. It was first mentioned in February 2021. The question was about an Android smartwatch (but it wasn’t Wear OS), that would be optimized for the group’s services (Facebook Messenger and Instagram, WhatsApp, and WhatsApp). Already, a launch was planned for 2022.

We reported in June that the watch might have two cameras. The first camera is for video calls, and the second is for taking photos or videos with a GoPro. Bloomberg also announced last October that it would use the Apple Watch as inspiration to design its case.

We learn this week that Meta’s smartwatch project may be more ergonomically advanced. The firm filed a patent on June 24, 2021 with WIPO, the world’s leading intellectual property management organization. The patent was published by WIPO on January 13, 2022, after it was validated by the latter. The document is approximately fifty pages long and shows a watch with an attached screen. The description states that the invention is a portable device consisting of a strap, a base (…), a removable connected display and the camera embedded within the display.

This concept’s most striking feature is the removable screen that can be rotated around the perimeter to change the orientation of the camera. The first drawing, at the top of the article, shows a rectangular Apple Watch model with one camera. The second drawing shows a model with a circular screen, similar to a Galaxy Watch. It also appears to have two or three lenses. Rotating the screen allows the user to change the view angle or use the sensor lens by rotating it.

Meta’s watch remains in place for a launch in 2022. It is not clear what patents the firm will retain for the first generation; or what it will reserve for the next.

These watches house body temperature sensors, heart rate monitors and motion sensors as well as activity recognition sensors. These sensors are common to all smartwatches. We don’t know how Meta will use them to enhance VR and AR experiences. But we are excited to find out.

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