Metaverse Public Relations Inc. launches

An innovative, highly-skilled public relations agency called Metaverse PR Web3 Startups and Established Businesses can now communicate effectively in the constantly evolving virtual universe. The shop created an NFT press release to mark the occasion. This was the first such release.

Metaverse PR launches with the support of sister company double e pr, a communications agency with extensive experience representing retail, creative and commerce companies with technology at their core. double e PR’s heritage in technology communications, in particular helping companies tell their stories around digital transformation, will further inform and enhance Metaverse PR’s offering.

Nexus Studios’ Marketing & PR Manager Valentina Tarelli said: “At Nexus Studios we worked with the Metaverse PR shop at a time of company growth. Our communication goal was to increase our visibility as leaders in AR/VR technology and creative tech innovation. They worked closely with us and created a strategy to place us front and centre in the media. They provided news coverage and thought leadership in trade and high-profile business outlets like Variety and Forbes. This press attention helped us reach our audience effectively and support our mission of growth.”

Businesses working on the frontier of the Metaverse will benefit from Metaverse PR’s ability to shape the perception of their business as a “mirrorworld” pioneer. The agency will help clients define and promote their capabilities, messaging and products as well as cultures and visions in the Metaverse.

Ashley Lapin, cofounder, Current Forward, also added, “The Metaverse PR agency successfully conceptualized and drove PR campaigns that showcased our thinking around NFTs and DAOs. They did so with a sophisticated understanding of the metaverse and web3 topics, and leveraged that knowledge into real, measurable public relations results.”

Metaverse PR’s team of experienced, professional PR experts offer services including:

  • Distribution and writing of press releases
  • Media relations
  • Speaking engagements
  • Think leadership
  • Content creation

“We’re thrilled to offer the constellation of Metaverse companies our expertise in delivering high profile exposure in the press and on the stage,” Eric Eddy, President/Founder of Metaverse PR. “Our background in PR for this brave new virtual world originated with our sister company, whose consulting clients bridge brands into Web3. These clients relied on double-PR’s ability to create thought leadership campaigns on everything, from token gated commerce and DAOs to NFTs or Web3 solutions. We are bringing our clients sophisticated Metaverse business to business communications experience to drive brand buzz.”

The agency will support industries that are building the Metaverse, including crypto firms, computing power, NFT collectives and DAOs.

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