Microsoft launches File Explorer Tabs Test for Windows 11

Microsoft has launched a new File Explorer for Windows 11 with tabs. This allows users to view multiple locations at once.

Microsoft tried tabs in File Explorer in Windows 10 in 2018, but it was abandoned.

In addition to creating and testing navigation functionality, Microsoft has unintentionally made Windows 11’s next major update available on PCs that do not officially support the operating system. Microsoft has acknowledged the error and labelled it a bug.

Microsoft stated in a blog post the File Explorer now supports tabs within Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25136

Microsoft revealed the experience for Windows Insiders in April. Users can quickly move from one point in File Explorer to another without switching windows.

Along with tabbed functionality, File Explorer’s left navigation pane has been redesigned to make it easier to access your frequently used folders.

Your OneDrive cloud profiles — which represent your name connected with the account — are also displayed in the left-hand pane.

Microsoft said it isn’t displaying Known Windows files in the This PC section during testing “to keep that view focused on your PC’s disks.”

Microsoft has made the File Explorer more accessible, but it is important to remember that not all Windows Insiders are able to see it yet.

This is to allow early testers to make comments and evaluate the experience before the rest of the testers.

The current Windows 11 test build includes dynamic widgets that show live updates, in addition to the weather widget.

Microsoft will provide live updates for the sports and finance widgets as well as breaking news alerts.

All Windows Insiders on the Development Channel are not yet able to access the additional dynamic widgets such as the File Explorer interface.

Windows 11 Insider Preview has patches for some known bugs as well as the ability discuss problematic GIFs right from the Emoji Panel. There are known issues that can be introduced if the testing build is installed on your system.

Microsoft has also started testing an enhanced Notepad app. It adds native support for ARM64 device and improves performance.

The Media Player has also been updated with performance enhancements, and the ability to sort your music by date.

Support for DC playback has been added, as well as improvements to the Media Player’s ability to react to theme changes and the drag-and-drop experience with media assets.

Windows Insiders are receiving the updated Notepad as well as Media Player for Windows 11.

Separately, Microsoft sent the Windows 11 update (22H2) to its Release Preview testers this week, reaching PCs that aren’t officially supported.

Neowin claims that individuals on Twitter or Reddit claimed that the update unintentionally allowed many Windows Insiders who were using Windows 10 computers running outdated CPUs, to upgrade to Windows 11.

Microsoft identified the problem as a bug within minutes of it being discovered online.

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