MICROSOFT DEFENDER will be available for ANDROID and MACOS

Microsoft creates software for Windows, as well as for popular platforms like Android and macOS. Two of these systems are discussed in the preview version of Defender from the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Defender

A preview of Microsoft Defender is available in the Microsoft Store. It’s listed as a Microsoft product. Its description reads: “Security simplified. Microsoft Defender provides personal protection against digital threats. Protect your devices across [various] operating system platforms, including Windows, macOS and Android. Windows Defender, an antivirus program designed for Windows PCs, has evolved from a poor product to be one of the most popular on the market. Microsoft wants to replicate this success on other platforms.

Aggiornamenti Lumia, an Italian website, has released promotional slides about Defender. They show that Defender can scan files on both Android and Mac computers. Slides also display the “Web Protection” feature, which may indicate that Defender will scan web pages and assess their safety.

Many Microsoft products, services, and software are available on many platforms. Android already has Bing Edge, Office, Office, and Teams enterprise messaging. MacOS also has Office. It is possible that the proprietary anti-virus will be cross-platform.


Microsoft Defender, which is included with Windows 10 or Windows 11, was voted one of the top antivirus products for October 2021. This is according to the test data from AV-TEST (an independent organization that evaluates antivirus products).

The researchers also tested 21 antiviruses including McAfee and Avira as well as Avast, Avast and AVG. Testing was done to determine the stability of software solutions against different types of threats, such as malware that exploits zero-day vulnerabilities, phishing emails and cyber-attacks. They used the most current versions of the antiviruses available. During testing, applications were able to get updates and access their cloud services.

Sources note that AV-TEST follows a strict testing process. However, Microsoft Defender scored high on key dimensions such as security and performance. Avast and McAfee received similar high ratings, but Microsoft Defender is still the only free antivirus on the list.

According to AV-TEST, Microsoft is the best anti-virus solution for Windows 10 and Windows 11. It is also included with Microsoft’s OS and is available for all users free of charge.

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