Microsoft launches an Accelerator Program for Start-ups in Africa

Microsoft and GreenHouse Labs have joined forces to launch an accelerator program for pre-series B businesses looking to launch in emerging markets. 

Microsoft plans to offer African pre-series material based on industry standards through this relationship.

The A stage provides start-ups with access to new markets, technology infrastructure and financing options. This allows them to aggressively scale up their products and leverage the network knowledge and networks they have acquired throughout the program. 

This 8-week accelerator program will be held from May 2nd to June 27th 2022. The demo day will allow investors around the globe to meet with start-up founders. 

The Accelerator’s eight-week program is designed to offer sessions that are highly geared towards the enormous scale of the participating start ups, while also focusing on their strategic goals for raising the next round of funding. 

The following modules can be found in the program: 

Growth & Strategy 

Stage of Fundraising for Growth Market Expansion & Operations of Businesses 

Employee Benefits & Culture 

Marketing, public relations and public relations. 

Workshops on technical issues 

Criteria to be Eligible: 

The headquarters of the start-up must be in East or West Africa. 

Ideal for start-ups who are preparing to raise Series A rounds of funding. 

Participants must be committed to the program throughout the entire period. 

Applications will begin to be accepted from March 22nd. To apply, please visit this. page.

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