Microsoft To Acquire Minit

Minit a world leader in process mining technology, is being acquired by Microsoft. This technology allows businesses to discover opportunities for process improvement and operational efficiency.

The deal’s amount was not disclosed.

Microsoft will be able to assist their customers in creating a complete picture about their business processes. This will allow them to easily analyze and improve every step of the process. Customers will be better able to understand their processes and uncover the realities of actual operations. This will allow them to drive process standardization and improvement throughout their entire organization, ensuring compliance at all levels.

Minit, founded by Rasto Halavac in Bratislava, Slovakia and headed by James Dening as CEO, enables businesses to innovate how they monitor, optimize and analyze their processes. Minit’s solutions have enabled businesses to gain deep insight into the operation of their processes, identify root causes of operational problems and mitigate undesirable process outcomes.

Top Minit Analysis features include AI-powered Root Cau Analysis and Business Rules.

The company has offices in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Bratislava and Slovakia; London, UK; NYC.

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