Milezmore, an Egyptian startup in logistics, has received $5M funding

Milezmore is an Egyptian startup that provides last-mile delivery, cloud fulfillment and customized operations solutions. It has been pre-seeded with a US$5 Million investment by Brimore, a social-commerce platform.

Milezmore was established a little more than a year ago. Its goal is to assist merchants in maximizing their high growth potential through cloud logistics solutions that are supercharged.

Providers can deliver seamless fulfillment to their clients through cutting-edge technology that offers a broad range of reliable and scalable fulfillment solutions.

The company’s infrastructure has grown to more than 20,000 square meters, and the company has achieved excellent growth. It operates 15 delivery centers in Egypt and has shipped more than a million shipments.

As Milezmore’s first customer, Brimore has committed US$5 million to the startup after it raised a US$25 million Series A funding round last month to help the company grow.

A business in Egypt that provides all three services is a big deal because we’re the first one in the country to do so.” The traditional supply chain, as I’ve seen it over the last four years, was not designed to address the issues of today, and I believe Milezmore was. Let’s put it another way. In just one-year, we were able assemble a team capable of driving the firm forward and achieving great successes. Milezmore’s Ahmed El Attar, managing director, and co-founder believes that the logistics business will be revolutionized in the near future.

Milezmore will be in a position to quickly grow its cloud solutions using strong technology, expanded storage space and increased delivery capacities. It will also be able quadruple its workforce, allowing for a 50X increase of its customer base thanks to the additional funding.


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