Mirror World closes $4M seed funding

Mirror World, a New York-based content platform containing AI-powered virtual life forms and a New York-based content matrix, ”, has raised $4M in Seed financing.

Republic Crypto and Alameda Research were the co-investors. Republic Crypto is a top entertainment investment firm Galaxy Interactive. Investors included GameFi guilds YGG SEA (Avocado DAO), and investment firms Mirana Ventures.

The company intends to use the funds to develop and launch 3 initial games, and to fully incentivize early community member’s participation in the game.

Mirror World, led by Chris Zhu as CEO, is an AI-powered GameFi project which builds multiple games using interoperable NFT assets. It is a content matrix that includes AI-powered virtual lives in all its games. This project was supported by the Y-Combinator-incubated Gaming AI startup rct AI. All virtual lives are interoperable across all games, which ensures that holders will have the freedom to enter each one of the GameFi. The project will publish a standard economic framework that allows more content producers to connect with its game ecosystem after publishing three different games as proof-of-concept. Mirror World, an AI-powered virtual carnival, will yield crypto returns for the people, by and for the people.

Mirror World (previous rct-incubated project) was its first effort to apply its AI model to more Web 3 communities. This allowed for greater creativity and increased collective value. In September 2021, it launched the world’s first interactive NFT: Mirror NFT (11,000 in total, which can be circulated across multiple games in Mirror World), in order to promote the concept of dynamics and interoperability in the Crypto World. In November 2021, Mirror World launched the first NFT interaction chip Soul Chip and continued to cooperate with high-quality projects in the Crypto World to bring “Intelligence” and “Soul” to them.

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