Mobilexpense and Bunq team up to provide payment cards for employees

bunq has announced a new partnership Mobilexpense the leading European expense management software. Mobilexpense Declaree now integrates bunq, giving companies and employees the opportunity to reduce out of pocket spending by allowing them to manage company cards right from the expense software.

Mobilexpense Declaration customers now have the option to open bunq bank accounts that are dedicated to employee expense management but keep their main accounts separate. Customers can now manage their money and expenses from Mobilexpense Declaree. This includes card ordering, distribution and management.

Mobilexpense Declaree users are able to manage their liquidity better under the bunq model. This allows them to avoid providing employees with traditional credit cards and to transfer funds to third-party prepaid cardholders.

Mobilexpense Declaree customers have access to real-time information about their spending. Employees use the company cards within certain limits and pay expenses directly. Mobilexpense Declaree automatically pushes every transaction to bunq to enable employees to attach receipts. It makes it easy to eliminate lengthy credit card statements and paper expense forms.

Bunq accounts have either a Dutch or German, French, Spanish, or French IBAN. They are protected by the European Deposit Guarantee scheme. With bunq’s multi-currency feature, clients doing business abroad can receive, convert, hold, and spend in 15 different currencies, including US dollars, British pounds, and Swiss francs.

Ali Niknam, the founder of bunq and CEO, stated:: “We’re hugely excited to team up with Mobilexpense. Like bunq, they build super simple products that make life easy for businesses and users across Europe.”

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Patrick Van Deven is the CEO of Mobilexpense.: ‘‘In the post-COVID world, expense management is no longer just about business travel – it includes anything from office supplies to monthly software subscriptions. For a while, we have noticed a rising interest in cards. They will be even more important in the future for efficient expense management.

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