Modjoul Announces Investing in Wearable Technology

Modjoul, a leader in wearables and data analysis, of a round of investment by the Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund. The investment will support the further development of Modjoul’s wearable-based system to protect employees and deliver innovative new insights to help predict and prevent workplace injuries.

The Modjoul wearable improves how employees work by reminding them of correct body mechanics while performing tasks and providing any feedback as necessary; at the same time, the wearable delivers actionable data for health and safety departments through Modjoul’s AI-powered software. The latest investment will allow Modjoul’s wearable-based system to integrate and communicate with robotic or automated systems.

“We are committed to helping companies build work environments where employees are safe and free from injury,” Comment Eric MartinezModjoul CEO and Founder. “With the Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund investment, we look forward to bringing dramatic new insights into how workers can avoid injuries by fully harnessing the power of our innovative solutions to enable a safer workplace.”

Modjoul’s advanced industrial IoT offering will have the ability to ingest data from sensors and provide the analytics and decision-making required to improve safety. Modjoul, which combines data analytics and technology to address employee injuries, will be able to help companies reduce or eliminate them.

“The purpose of the Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund is to support emerging technologies through direct investments, designed to spur invention and solve for the world’s toughest problems across customer fulfillment operations, logistics, and supply chain solutions,”  Katherine Chen, Head of Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund “Modjoul raises the bar for safety in the workplace with their science-driven approach to wearables coupled with providing employees with a continuous understanding of their physical well-being at work, and we’re excited to help them continue advancing that work.”

The financing will also further accelerate the growth and development of Modjoul’s line of business focused on operations technology. This includes injury prediction modeling and the development of a proprietary Injury Prediction Score™, which together with the Company Injury Score™ will help determine a new rate-for-risk model, applying AI models to help identify possible areas of risk due to certain movements.

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