MOTOROLA EDGE X30 went official but here’s why it’s BOUND TO FAIL


Both Samsung and Xiaomi were competing to be the first launchers for the Snapdragon 8 flagship chips. Everything changed. You wouldn’t find better actors for this role than iQOO or Motorola. The Motorola Edge X30 was the first to launch the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC in a smartphone. Everything seems satisfactory when you look at the specs and hold them in your hand. This handset isn’t what it claims to be. We’ll be looking at the Motorola Edge X30 from different angles.


The OLED display of our protagonist is a 6.7-inch OLED, with a Full HD+ resolution. It also has a 144Hz refresh speed. We are not referring to the Special Edition with an under-screen camera. The vanilla model has a punch-hole design screen. This notch contains a 60MP camera that can be used for selfies.

The Motorola Edge X30 has a 50MP camera. The Omnivision OV50A 1.55” sensor supports optical picture stabilization. When 4 in 1 pixel binning is used, it has 2.0um-sized pixels. Another 50MP ISOCELL SM5KGM1 ultrawide camera is available. The third camera also has a 2MP resolution, and, as you can guess, is a depth-of-field module. You can record 8K resolution with this system.

The phone has the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, 256GB of native storage and up to 12GB RAM. It also comes with a 5,000mAh battery that can be charged with fast 68W charging. Android 12 is the operating system.



Any comment about Motorola phones will tell you that Motorola smartphones are great in terms of specs, but have issues with software updates. This company does not like to provide periodic system updates. Motorola is also limited in software updates, with only 2 years for some models. This contrasts with its closest competitors, who offer up to 3 years software updates.

This phone runs Android 12 with MYUI 3.0. This skin is the Chinese version of the company’s My UX skin. Some of the most interesting features include the ReadyFor desktop-like gesture shortcuts. Let’s not call a spade by a spade: Motorola has copied Pixels UI.

The screenshots below show that Motorola did not touch any elements. They left them the way they were on the pure Android 12 system. The lock screen, clock widget, settings menu and large buttons in two columns are all the same.


We all agree that smartphones are essential for our daily life. The waterproof design of a flagship phone is essential. The Motorola Edge X30 does not have a water-resistant rating. There is however an IP52 certificate. This is not the phone we expected.

IP52 is protected against water spray less than 15 degrees from vertical. GetDroidTips tested it and found that the display and camera worked as expected, but not the I/O ports. The Motorola Edge X30 is waterproof but splashproof.


Manufacturers are trying to make smartphones more portable by using larger batteries. However, battery capacity is still directly proportional to the phone’s dimensions. Smartphone makers have been working to address this problem by creating fast-charging technologies. The market will soon see 200W charging smartphones. This indicator is for wired charging. The Xiaomi MIX 4 supports wireless charging with 100W charging without wires. This feature is available on phones that cost less than $200. The Motorola Edge X30 does not support wireless charging. Is that a dealbreaker?


This is all a matter of taste. If you’re a music lover, you won’t be able to accept any Bluetooth headset. This not only causes quality issues but also takes a lot of charging. You can still use the USB Type C interface. This means that you will need a 3.5mm adapter. You can then choose to charge or use headphones. After reading tons of comments, we realized that many people were unhappy with the absence of a headphone jack and decided to discontinue using this phone.


The phone has a maximum storage capacity of 256GB. Worse, the phone does not allow for expansion. Many users claim that they store their files on the cloud and listen to or watch music online, so they don’t have much storage. The truth is that there are many apps and games we use on our phones. These apps take up a lot of space. Motorola lets us decide which apps to keep and which ones to delete.


Yes, this is the first smartphone to have the fastest Android chip. Motorola hasn’t optimized many aspects of this processor, however. There have been many complaints about the overheating of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor. This is what the Motorola Edge X30 could not avoid. According to different reports, the temperature of the phone can reach 60 degrees Celsius when it is playing games.


The latest Corning Glass Victus+ protection will be available on the Samsung Galaxy S22 models. This is an essential feature for all smartphones. It’s essential for flagship phones. The Motorola Edge X30 does not have glass protection. You will need to apply a film to the front of the phone to prevent scratches. To protect the back, a protective shell is required.

Wrapping UP

These are just a few of the many shortcomings of Motorola Edge X30. We are not referring to the 2MP depth-of-field camera on the back. It is useless and ineffective. It’s useless and senseless. It can’t be considered a flagship model, but it will compete with the real flagships.

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