New Google Play Store and Services Updates: Add 10 New Items to Your Devices

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Google began posting changelogs to the Google Play System updates its issues to Android devices (phones and watches, TVs, tablets) at the end of last year. This changelog is a significant step forward, as we didn’t know what these updates contained for the first few years. It was a mystery. This is not surprising considering that they affect almost all Android devices.

These changelogs were first discovered by the world a week ago in a January update. The update listed 10 possible changes to your Android device. These could include critical fixes, system management stuff, and Google Play Store enhancements. Google updated the January update page with 10 additional items. These will be available through Google Play Services or the Google Play Store.

These updates will be available in Google Play Services version 22.02.03 and Google Play Store version 28.8. The latest round of updates started rolling out on January 14.

What’s the latest? Google claims that it is improving support and adding manual credential additions to the Google Password Manager. A new discovery flow is available to help explain the changes in major system updates. You can sign in to Android TVs using your Android phone. There are also improvements in several Wallet areas and a few Developer Services items.

Account Management

  • [Auto, Phones, Tablets, TV, and Wear OS] Enhance the Google Account experience on Android by serving relevant content to users based upon their entry point.

Security & Privacy

  • [Phone] You can add passwords to Google Password Manager by using password addition.


  • [Auto, Tablet TV, Wear OS and Phone] A new user discovery flow is available on Android-enabled devices. It explains what’s new in major operating system updates.


  • [Phone] Android TV users now have an easier way to sign in to their TV via Android Phones.
  • [Phone] Users can now opt in to consents with the latest version of ContactUI.


  • [Phone] Users can search for the agency they want without scrolling manually.
  • [Auto, Tablet TV, TV, Wear OS and Phone] SMS verification will be required for some cardholders who are eligible.
  • [Phone and Wear OS] Enhancements to Wallet landing experience

Developer Services

  • Google and 3rd-party app developers get new developer features to support ads, analytics, diagnostics, and machine learning related developer services in their apps.
  • Improvements to the Sign In with Google user interface

These updates started rolling out a few days ago.

Go to the Google Play Store and tap on your profile (top-right), Settings>About, then “Update Play Store.”

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