Newfront Announces Exclusive Partnership to Alpine Rewards

Newfront, a tech-enabled, full-service brokerage, announced today an exclusive partnership with Alpine Rewards to provide strategic Total Rewards advice for the world’s top employers. Alpine Rewards, led by David Knopping and Rob Surdel, brings more than two decades of rewards advisory experience with deep industry expertise, thought leadership in Executive Compensation, and Employee Rewards focused on technology and life science markets.

“The war for talent among innovative companies is at a peak as companies deal with rising salaries, increased turnover, market volatility, inflation, and the great resignation. Our partnership with Alpine Rewards bolsters our team with top industry advisors to provide strategic guidance on developing a holistic Total Rewards solution,”  Andrea TrudeauExecutive Producer, Employee Benefits. Newfront. “With a customized Total Rewards program, clients will now be able to offer competitive compensation, stock, benefits, rewards, and other perks to attract and retain top talent.”

Newfront has partnered with top-of-the-line advisors and offers a custom and agnostic total incentives solution. It is built on more than data, base salaries, and incentives. Instead it creates a program that aligns and optimizes costs and investments to help employees thrive and feel valued.

“There is a natural tension across shareholders, the company, and employees that is difficult to manage – whether you are in-house or an external advisor,”  David Knopping, Founder & Managing Director, Alpine Rewards. “With more than 20 years of experience, the Alpine Rewards team has deep industry and functional expertise in designing and optimizing total rewards programs that use data as a backdrop to frame the landscape and provide strategic advice that support the business and its stakeholders.”

“Data shows that traditional compensation and rewards strategies no longer apply, especially when it comes to Life Sciences and Technology companies, in a quickly-moving landscape,” Says Darren BrownNewfront, Practice Leader, Employee Benefits “We are thrilled to partner with David and Rob to help create innovative programs that focus on competitive, equitable and sustainable compensation and reward programs for our clients.”

By bringing together the best-in-class rewards advisory from Alpine with Newfront’s market-leading human capital, benefits, and 401k teams, Newfront now offers a customized holistic total rewards solution that meets strategic objectives and supports culture, reputation, employee benefits, and a compensation philosophy that uniquely demonstrates the value of employees.

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