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    Simpu, a Nigerian SaaS Startup, secures $1M to Expand

    Simpu, a Nigerian SaaS platform for B2B that assists organizations in providing better customer interactions through an omnichannel solution has raised $1 million in pre-seed funding to help it grow.

    Simpu is an organization that develops communication and engagement software. It was established in 2020.

    The core product of the company is an omnichannel lego-flexible inbox for teams, which combines communication channels like email, WhatsApp, Twitter Direct messages, Facebook Messenger and SMS into one amazing experience.

    Automating workflows can be done by businesses. Businesses can link various third-party connectors such as databases and main financial backends to combine siloed information for precise marketing via SMS or email.

    Simpu’s CEO and co-founder Collins Iheagwara stated that the average online firm must integrate at least eight apps daily and as many as 36 apps to achieve some level of sync. Apps that don’t normally communicate or sync well with one another.

    Consumers also use increasing numbers of communication tools. Businesses face a major challenge in reaching customers via their preferred methods.

    Simpu has been asked numerous times by businesses how they communicate with clients, customers, and friends via all media and apps. This was the biggest problem for the company.

    Simpu has been able to secure pre-seed capital from many angel investors as well as early-stage venture capital companies. The round was completed in January after Simpu had reached the $1million milestone.

    It currently has more than 90 businesses on its platform, and it has over 300 customers. But it will launch fully in May.

    Although the company is only currently active in Nigeria, it does have a few international clients and plans to grow internationally.

    According to Iheagwara’s calculations, the company makes its money by offering monthly or yearly subscriptions for each customer. We’ve made over $80,000 in SaaS revenue since coming out of closed beta in November 2021.

    The company is increasing the number of features its customers have in the hopes that it will increase revenue.

    African companies still face many problems when it comes to consumer communication. Communication fragmentation is a result of the fact that most communication channels are one-channel platforms.

    Communication and engagement tools can be used by organizations to evaluate the effectiveness of internal communications across multiple media channels and communication types, as well the business impact and employee experience.

    The first step to improving employee interaction is having communication channels that work in real-time.

    Email, phone conversations, meetings and intranets aren’t the only communication channels; there are many other channels that can be used to send faster communications, such as push notifications for apps and business messaging platforms.

    Simpu is a platform that facilitates communication between employees at all levels of a company.

    By establishing an employee mobile app, organizations can take advantage of mobile devices’ reach.

    It allows employees access to the information they require quickly on their mobile phones and allow them to communicate with one another quickly.

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