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    Simpu, a Nigerian customer engagement startup, raises $1m in pre-seed round

    Simpu, a Nigerian SaaS startup that helps brands provide better customer engagement experiences via an omnichannel platform, has raised US$1million in pre-seed funding to expand.

    In 2020, it was founded. Simpu software for communication and engagement. The company’s flagship product, a lego flexible omnichannel inbox, is for teams. It unifies communication channels such as email, WhatsApp and Twitter direct messages, Facebook Messenger, SMS and website live chat into one amazing experience.

    Businesses can also automate workflows by connecting a multitude of third-party integrations such as core banking backends, database or marketing lists to unify siloed information that can be used for precision messaging over SMS and email.

    “The average online business has to combine at least eight apps daily and up to 36 apps to achieve some sync. Apps that usually don’t talk or sync well with each other,” said Collins Iheagwara, Simpu’s CEO and co-founder.

    “There is also an explosion of communication apps among consumers. Businesses face a huge problem because consumers want to be reached via their preferred channels. We have been asked countlessly by businesses – how do they effectively communicate with their customers, clients, and friends across all the channels and apps? For us, that was the gap.”

    Simpu has raised pre-seed financing from a number of angel investors as well as some early-stage VCs. It closed its round in January, after crossing the US$1million mark. Simpu currently has more than 90 businesses and 300 active users on its platform. It is planning to launch fully in May. The startup is active in Nigeria right now. It has some international customers, and plans on expanding internationally.

    “We make money by selling a subscription per user, billed monthly or yearly. Since coming out of closed beta in November 2021, we have hit over US$80,000 in SaaS revenues,” said Iheagwara.

    “We are doubling down on features our customers love and hoping that we can grow revenues even further.”


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