Nigeria’s Bumpa (“Shopify for Africa”) has ambitious plans for post-funding

Bumpa is a Nigerian startup that provides a one-stop-shop for African retail merchants. After seeing strong early uptake, and receiving pre-seed financing, it plans to expand internationally.

Bumpa 2 702x336 1Bumpa was launched in February 2021 by Kelvin umechukwu, Adetunji Okaele and allows merchants to move their business online without any programming skills. They can set up an online store, accept offline and online payments, manage inventory and bookkeeping, fulfill orders and request dispatch riders.

Bumpa is a business suite that SMEs can use. Opayele stated that Bumpa is like Shopify for Africa. It was built by Africans with context on the issues that affect African retailers.

Bumpa created the Bumpa product to fill this gap in Africa’s e-commerce market. It provides all the tools that merchants need to easily manage and grow their online businesses.

Early adoption has been remarkable. The startup has already partnered with thousands of merchants, listed more than 30,000 products and plans to continue growth once secures funding in September. Pre-seed funding of US$200,000 was provided by Greencap Equity and HOAQ Club. Rizq Investment group, Rizq Venture Arm, Rizq Venture Group, Microtraction, DFS Labs. Aidi Ventures. Prosper Otemuyiwa. Oo Nwoye. Perfect Makanju, and a few angels. Bumpa aims to reach 200,000 merchants in the next year. It will also expand its team and roll out new features that will improve merchant support.

Umechukwu stated that “We have plans for expansion into neighboring countries in near future.”

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