Nigeria’s Dojah Joins the YC W22 Colon on the Back of Pan-African Expansion

Dojah, is a Nigerian digital-onboarding and KYC startup. It has been selected to be the latest Silicon Valley startup to join the YCombinator winter 2022 batch.

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Dojah was founded by Tobi Ololade, Ayomide OSO and is dedicated to providing a single KYC and digital onboarding platform for African companies looking to grow. Due to the fragmented regulatory landscape and technological environment, scaling across Africa is a difficult task for startups and companies seeking to expand on the continent.

Integrating with multiple service providers can be difficult and time-consuming when trying to establish verifiable financial and identity. Dojah is attempting to address this issue by standardizing digital onboarding and KYC protocols across Africa. This will provide a single portal for startups looking to scale up across borders.

Tobi and Ayomide were co-founders of Dojah. They worked together at Elta Solutions, a development shop that provided services to software companies. Tobi was also the Chief Technology Officer at Tradebuza. Tradebuza is a data- and API infrastructure for agricultural finance. The problem that Dojah would solve was identified while working at Elta Solutions.

“We were creating a product called Expensa, which is an income and expense management product for Africans. It was difficult to obtain the APIs that we required while building it. To get the APIs, we had to contact each stakeholder individually. This made it very slow to build. This was not an uncommon problem for us and we quickly realized that it was. We also did some user research to support our hypothesis. This was how Dojah began.” Tobi shared.

Dojah hopes to create a single-stop shop for all onboarding users, both individuals and businesses, anywhere in Africa. The startup reached new milestones just before it was accepted into the YC2022 batch. It integrated KYC and onboarding endpoints for five African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa. Over 500 businesses have been onboarded and over 2 million API calls processed.

YCombinator is now a popular platform for African startups. It has been viewed as a validation of the startup’s worth and a way to launch your business. Dojah’s team is already reaping the rewards of being approved by the Silicon-valley accelerator.

“It has been a huge boost for me to get into YC. It has been instrumental in helping us to ease our conversations with key stakeholders. We are excited for the future. Our growth means more growth for African Startups. “As we find the means of onboarding users across more countries,” Ayomide Olo, co-founder and Product Lead, stated.

Dojah has other goals as it prepares to attend the YC Demo Day in a few days. Dojah plans to expand its reach into more countries in the near future. The startup plans to expand its distribution of no-code solutions in order to assist non-developers who own scalable businesses to improve their KYC and onboarding processes across the continent.

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