Nikon Release Nikkor Z 400mm F2.8 TC VR S Telephoto Lens

Nikkor Z400mm F2.8 TC VRS Telephoto Lens

Today Nikon announced today the first Nikkor Z400mm F2.8TC VRS telephoto fixed focal length Nikkor Z400mm F2.8 TC VRS lens. It is part of the Nikkor Z lens S-type and comes with a 1.4x range extender lens. It will go on sale in February at 13,999.95 USD. Nikkor Z400mm F2.8 can be used with Nikon FX-format micro-single digital cameras (Nikon FX-format) using Nikon Z-mount.

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The lens features Nikon’s new coating, the Meso Amorphous Coat. This coating has high anti-reflective qualities and can handle incident light from all directions. Even in areas susceptible to flare and ghosting, clear images can still be achieved.

The lens also features Nikon’s new smooth high-speed coil motor that allows for quiet, fast and precise autofocus control. The lens also features a built-in range extender lens, which extends the focal length by an additional 1.4 times. This allows the lens to cover both 400mm and 560mm focal lengths. Easy-to-use, the range extender switch lets you change your focal length without having to alter your shooting pose. The lens supports Z-extender lenses TC-1x and TC-2x.

Other features include the support for optical VR vibration reduction, which results in a shutter speed increase equivalent to about 5.5 stops. The memory recall function NIKKORZ lens can be used by rotating the Fn Ring, which allows quick recall of the focus position.

Nikon Nikkor Z 400mm F2.8 TC VR S Key Features

  • Meso Amorphous Coat is a new coating that offers the best anti-reflection performance in NIKKOR’s history.
  • The new Silky Swift VCM, (SSVCM), has been adopted. It allows for quiet, precise, and fast AF control.
  • Various aberrations can be effectively corrected by the use of two ED glasses elements, a super ED element, two fluorite lenses elements and an SR lens. This also helps to create a lighter body.
  • The lens features a built-in Teleconverter, which extends the focal length up to 1.4x. This allows it to cover two focal lengths: 400 mm or 560 mm. The easily accessible teleconverter button allows for smooth focal length changes without having to change your shooting position.
  • With the addition of a fluorite element and magnesium alloy, lighter weight was considered.
  • This optical VR function supports a shutter speed of 5.5 stops faster. It is powerful regardless of whether or not the teleconverter has been used. Synchro VR can be used in conjunction with the Nikon Z9.
  • Sealing in many areas, including the moving parts of the lens barrel, as well as rubber gaskets around the lens mount ensure superior dust- and drip resistance. A fluorine coating on the front-most lens element provides excellent anti-fouling performance.
  • This is the first NIKKOR Z lens that has adopted the Memory Recall function. A frequently used focus position can be saved and quickly recalled by turning the Fn ring.
  • Video recording is made possible by an extremely quiet operation, focus breathing compens that reduce shifting of the angle of view when adjusting the focus, and natural exposure changes when changing the aperture.
  • A control ring allows for smooth operation and comfortable video recording.
  • Allows for the Z TELECONVERTER (TC-1.4x) and Z TELECONVERTER (TC-2.0x).
  • Weight: 2,950g.
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