Nokia N73 concept with 200MP camera

HMD Global decided that nostalgia was something they could exploit by bringing the product to market. Nokia The mobile device market has seen the return of the brand. Initial interest was high for the project, which initially seemed ambitious. But the company failed to become a dominant player after nearly six years. The loyal customer base also dwindled. Since 2019, HMD Global has not released a single premium device and announced in March of this year that it has no plans to release flagship smartphones and will focus on “reliable devices with long battery life and affordable prices”. But still, there are users who want to see a top-end device from Nokia and have created the Nokia N73 concept.


The Nokia N73 camera was the main focus. A multi-module main camera was suggested by enthusiasts, with an eye on Nokia 9 Pureview 9. The main 200-megapixel module is not the only sensor. There are also four other sensors. The design of the rear camera area mirrors that of the Galaxy S7 flagships.

Nothing has been published about the specific characteristics of Nokia N73. But considering it’s a flagship device, it should offer a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset; up to 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM and up to 512GB of UFS 3.1 storage; a high-hertz OLED panel, and fast wired and wireless charging.

HMD Global has dispelled rumors about Nokia’s flagship smartphones, saying that flagship production is now counterintuitive. HMD Global unveiled several low-cost smartphones during MWC 2022. However, the flagship smartphone fans were not pleased.

In addition, Nokia entered the notebook market with the introduction of the Purebook Pro. HMD Global was known for producing smartphones in the middle and budget class segments for a very long time. We won’t be seeing PureView flagship phones from the popular European mobile brand anytime soon. Android Authority was told by Adam Ferguson (head of global product marketing at HMD) that the company won’t be releasing flagship smartphones yet.

Ferguson explained that an $800 smartphone is not feasible for the company at this time. In addition, according to him, Nokia does not want to be part of the ongoing performance war in the flagship smartphone market. Ferguson hopes that Nokia will offer something completely new. In other words, Nokia’s flagship phones are definitely not worth the wait.

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