NVIDIA GeForce Now Streams Fortnite to Android Via Closed beta

NVIDIA has announced that members, as well as those still playing Fortnite, can stream the Epic Games title beginning next week. This is thanks to a closed beta, which was used to test the service’s server capacities, graphics delivery and performance with touch controls.

Fortnite Android 980x625 1

These “new touch controls” were apparently developed by NVIDIA’s engineering team. They should be legal for mobile users. Here are the details NVIDIA provided about them.

We’ve been working with Epic Games to create a touch-friendly Fortnite for mobile. This will be delivered via the cloud. The GeForce NOW library of PC games is best played on mobile devices with a gamepad. However, the GeForce NOW team has introduced touch controls that offer more options to players. This includes Fortnite.

Follow the link to register for this closed beta. Sign in with your account and follow the instructions. It shouldn’t be difficult. We hope that the ability to play isn’t too restricted and that everyone who wants to can get in.

I have been contemplating whether or not I should try to get back into Fortnite. But, no, I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with those little kids who can build a mansion within 3 seconds. Thank you, but no thanks.

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