NVIDIA Ships Out HotFix for Bug-Filled SHIELD TV Upgrade

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SHIELD TV owner will have heard about Upgrade 9.0. This update is full of bugs and could possibly be considered one of the worst to be released to Android TV-powered devices. You’re allowed to make mistakes, NVIDIA. After all these years of support, it’s okay.

NVIDIA recently announced a HotFix update to address many of these issues. It was pushed in the last week. It addresses many of the issues that were introduced in EU 9.0 such as SD card detection issues, storage permission issues and YouTube TV corruption.

the place to go if you’re looking for all of the fixes.

You may still experience bugs if you flash the HotFix Update. NVIDIA will need to manually send the update as it isn’t widely distributed. To allow NVIDIA to add your device to the list, you will need to share its serial number. You can find some information about this at the link below. Make sure you read them all.

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