NVIDIA SHIELD TV’s Android 11 Update Brings a Wave of Problems

nvidia shield tv pro

This post should be prefaced by the fact that NVIDIA was the first OEM to release the Android 11 update to an Android TV-powered phone. Google’s hardware, such as the Chromecast with Google TV running Android 10, is still available. With that out of the way, let me ask you, NVIDIA, what is the deal with the Android 11 upgrade for the SHIELDTV line?

My SHIELD TV (2019 aka Little Tube Guy), isn’t yet Android 11, and I’ve read through SHIELDTV’s Reddit, it’s not something I plan to do. We’re seeing that owners are having many problems. Plex Media servers have been hacked, and many apps aren’t optimized/updated for Android 11. This is not NVIDIA’s fault. There’s also a black screen bug that appears to be caused by a handshake problem between SHIELD TV’s actual TV and SHIELD TV.

We have a long list of issues, some of which are quite serious, so we reached out to NVIDIA for more information. We are still waiting for a response and will update this article once we do.

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