Oasis Pro raises $27M for Crypto Securities Trading Platform

OasisPro, a crypto-savvy broker/dealer, has raised $27 Million to launch a digital securities alternate trading system (ATS) that can be plugged into decentralized finance (DeFi (Decentralized Finance) platforms.

LedgerPrime, Redwood Trust, John Wu’s Avalanche-focused Blizzard fund and other venture backers joined the Series A, CEO Pat LaVecchia, a former MakerDAO adviser, told CoinDesk.

He described the strategic backers as “important” in Oasis’ bid to bridge crypto infrastructure with traditional capital markets.

Oasis Pro Markets LLC (the ATS) wants to support all aspects of digital securities trading, from secondary trading to issuance. Subscribers can also pay in crypto to purchase digital securities. These are traditional investment assets such as shares in companies, and trade on top of blockchain tech.

Oasis is in the “early stages” of integrating its ATS directly with DeFi applications, LaVecchia told CoinDesk. He said automated market makers (AMMs), staking and yield farming can provide investor upside, and also help DeFi dollars gain access to securities.

LaVecchia gave MakerDAO an example.

“The MakerDAO collateralization platform could fund an issuer with a collateralized note. This note could then trade on Oasis Pro if it meets all regulatory security requirements. So DeFi funding into a security that can trade on an ATS for the issuer,” he said in a text.

Regulatory approval is required for such close integrations of DeFi with traditional finance (TradFi). LaVecchia said Oasis isn’t there yet.

“I believe we are unique and we have the registration for digital cash (stablecoins, CBDCs, etc.) for digital securities transactions which to date we understand no other group has secured,” LaVecchia said.

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