Onbe’s payments services – seven of the top ten automotive brands

Onbe, the market-leading fintech for corporate disbursements, announced today that it is growing its automotive business. Onbe works with seven of the 10 top automotive brands and nationwide service providers, banks, and dealerships to provide payout solutions. Onbe offers a variety of services to automotive-focused businesses, including service center promotions, auto loan refunds, settlements and test-drive incentives. It also provides loyalty programs, payroll simplification, appeasements, and streamlined payroll. Onbe makes it easy to get payments within the automotive industry.

“Automotive-centric brands are embracing digital payments, especially as new, younger customers look to purchase vehicles. These consumers want more end-to-end digital automotive experiences, from selecting to financing to servicing their vehicles,” Bala JanakiramanOnbe CEO,. “We’ve experienced tremendous growth in this sector as Onbe provides a range of critical payments solutions throughout the entire automotive ecosystem.”

Onbe’s 2021 automotive payments study research shows that millennials are most attracted to businesses that offer digital experiences and instant gratification. Whether it’s offering a loyalty program, encouraging car owners to return to the same service center or providing an immediate auto loan refund, virtual disbursements are key in motivating millennials – and their parents and younger siblings, who also prefer digital experiences – to engage with brands online, via mobile and in person.

To learn more about Onbe’s automotive solutions, click here. Onbe will be there as well Auto Finance Innovation Summit starting at April 25-26, 2022 in San Diego, which will showcase today’s technology and tomorrow’s innovation-driven opportunities to position automotive companies for success in this fast-paced digital era. Onbe sponsors the Tuesday morning coffee break at mid-morning. 10:30-11:15 a.m.Local time. For a chance to win a prize, attendees are invited to drop by and say hello. To save 15% on tickets for those who haven’t registered, enter code ONBE15

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