Soon, the ONEPLUS ORD Smartwatch will be released

Smartwatches can be confusing devices. While some believe wearable electronics hold the future, others think that a device on the wrist is unnecessary and low-functional. But it’s hard to deny that despite all the talk, the number of smartwatches is on the rise. Among the expected new products is the OnePlus Nord Watch.

Mukul Sharma, a well-known network insider, announced the launch of the wearable gadget. He found a mention about the OnePlus Nord Watch on the Indian website. Unfortunately, there are no details. The fact that there was a mention on the website of a smartwatch may suggest that it is coming soon.

The OnePlus Nord Watch will launch in the second half of the year, coinciding with the launch of the OnePlus Nord 3. We are confident that the OnePlus Nord Watch will offer the usual functionality of a fitness watch: it will track your physical activity, monitor your health and send notifications about calls and other notifications to your smartphone. You shouldn’t ask for a lot from OnePlus Nord Watch, the price tag is unlikely to exceed $100

According to online sources OnePlus is preparing to launch the Nord Buds fully wireless headphones. Previously, renderings showing the alleged design of the device appeared on the Internet; and now real images of the vendor’s future wireless headphones are available online.

Federal Communications Commission database (FCC), where the device has been certified. It is a standard design. They are making wireless headphones with a standard design that is familiar to users.

The headphones will come with a charging case that holds a 480mAh battery. Each pair of headphones also comes with a 41-mAh power source. The set includes a cable to connect the case to a power source. The headphones and charging case are registered E505A. While the photos show the headphones with a black case we expect buyers to have other color options.

The exact date when OnePlus will release new wireless headphones is unknown. It’s also unclear how much the Nord Buds will cost. Currently, the manufacturer’s most affordable Buds Z2 headphones cost $99, but we expect the Nord Buds to be cheaper.

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