Online Female Founder Roundtable: How To Get Ahead In Lagos

Lagos is home to many entrepreneurs women. Founder Institute Lagos will host top female investors and entrepreneurs who will share their experiences, best practices and pitfalls. Join us for an entertaining and informative roundtable discussion and Q&A session.

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This is a free online event that is part of the many public events held by Founder Institute Lagos.

The Lagos Chapter of the largest pre-ed accelerator, Founder Institute Lagos, has helped launch 70+ companies via its accelerator program.

Who Should Attend?
  • Entrepreneurship is for everyone
  • Anybody who wants to learn from a stimulating, enlightening, and authentic conversation
  • Anybody who has an idea but isn’t sure what to do next.
  • Are you interested in meeting other female entrepreneurs who are starting their own companies?

Fayo Williams and Ommo Clark were confirmed as panelists for the event. Debbie Akwara was also confirmed.

Fayo Williams, the Managing Consultant at Simply Exponential is a business development company that provides entrepreneurship training and business development services, among other things.

Ommo Clark, a techpreneur, software designer and founder partner of iBEZ, is also a CEO, founder partner, and chief executive officer. iBez Nigeria, an indigenous technology company, caters to the needs of companies in emerging markets and underserved areas by developing software platforms and software applications. It also trains software developers about software development.

Handy-jack is a platform that connects professional service providers and artisans to their customers. It’s produced by iBez.

Debbie Akwara, a founder of a startup that focuses on consumer experience (CX), is Debbie Akwara. Her work includes creating platforms and solutions that help businesses retain and satisfy their customers. Each of these women are thought leaders in their respective fields.

This event is a must-attend. Register for this event.

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