Online Financial Platform Offering Yield on Your Crypto

The cryptocurrency market has seen a huge increase in recognition over the past few years. We saw the de facto institutionalization of some assets like Bitcoin as financial giants began to enter the field.

Many investors now feel confident in cryptocurrencies and are able to invest in them as part of their long-term portfolios. Although the field has seen a significant increase in popularity, we are now seeing governments becoming more involved in its regulation.

Yesterday’s White House statement on digital assets included the first ever executive order by President Joe Biden.

This has allowed some financial platforms to provide additional opportunities to cryptocurrency holders, who can now earn a return on their assets. AQRU is one such platform.

What is AQRU exactly?

AQRU isn’t the first platform to offer interest payments on crypto holdings, but it’s one of the simplest and most flexible. You can deposit with a credit card or debit card, fiat currency or a crypto wallet. There are no minimum deposit requirements and no fees for deposits.

After users deposit money they can choose how to invest it. There are many cryptocurrencies available for stake, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether as well as USD Coin, DAI and USD Coin. The current interest rate for each cryptocurrency is displayed so that investors can make decisions about how to allocate their portfolios in order to maximize their returns while minimizing their risk.

You can earn up to 12 percent annually on certain coins through the platform. The average interest rate on a US savings account, however, is only 0.06%.

In 2019, Phil Blows and Digby Try founded the company. This team is highly experienced in decentralized finance (DeFi).

Blows, acting as AQRU’s CEO, has spent more than 15 years leading fintech and asset management businesses. Blow was also certified as a Blockchain Expert by the Blockchain Council.

The team’s goal for AQRU is to make it easier for anyone to buy a cryptocurrency and earn a return from it.

The AQRU Platform

AQRU can be accessed online or through mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

Investments can be made through the internet and mobile platforms. In fact, AQRU displays how much interest investors have earned from each coin in their portfolio and how much interest they’re earning every hour.

Security & Support

AQRU takes full custody of investors’ assets, and it takes that responsibility seriously. The platform uses the latest Multi-Sig technology from digital wallet provider Fireblocks to keep investors’ assets safe. Two-factor authentication protects all accounts. AQRU offers multi-layered insurance policies to protect your assets and ensure that they are fully protected in the event of a hack.

Potential and current investors can reach AQRU via email or live chat. It’s also available via Telegram, Instagram (Facebook, Reddit), Twitter, and YouTube.

Earning interest

The official website allows users to sign up and deposit funds. AQRU can accept most fiat currencies.

All they have to do now is to create a portfolio of coins and stake them to earn interest. There are good opportunities for compounding gains and increasing profitability.

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