RJ Phillips, Onlyfans’ Creator Announces Zoop: A Polygon NFT Trading Cards Platform

RJ Phillips created Onlyfans and started a movement to democratize the adult industry. With a new NFT, Phillips wants to dominate the WEB3.

The founder of OnlyFans has announced the launch of a Trading Card Platform named “Zoop.” The decentralized NFT trading platform will be available for all types of audiences and will run on the Polygon network.

According to a press release, the new ecosystem will feature officially licensed digital cards of celebrities and influencers, thanks to Zoop’s partnerships with different media enterprises.

Zoop isn’t a one-man show. A team of developers who have experience with WEB3 products will support the platform.

Zoop allows celebrities and other influencers to exchange 3D digital letters.

RJ Phillips is the founder and co-CEO at Zoop. He stated that Zoop’s platform will allow users to buy and sell cards. He also indicated that Zoop will be a “win for celebrities” and brands as it will bring new ways to interact with their fans and customers.

“Zoop is the trusted home for authentic celebrity card drops, enabling all fans, regardless of their technical expertise, to participate in the web3.0 space. We hold users’ hands as they compete in acquiring digital collectables in the auction process, show off their holdings to friends, and ‘collect-to-connect’ with their favorite celebrities of today and tomorrow.

Zoop’s other innovation is the ability to earn rewards according to your actions. Zoop’s ecosystem is still in beta, so it is unclear what sort of rewards they will provide.

Polygon and Zoop seek to accelerate Web3 growth

Michael Blank, COO of Polygon Studios, said they were “thrilled” to be working with the Zoop team, as the project aligns with Polygon’s goals and mission to drive Web3 usage to millions of people.

“We’re delighted to be working with the Zoop team as they build out their platform on Polygon. Zoop aligns with our mission to bring Web3 technologies to a much broader demographic, and allowing fans to connect to their favorite celebrities via Polygon is another step towards this goal,”

At this point, there is no specific launch date. To participate in the prelaunch, you will need to register for Priority Passes. These will offer enhanced rewards and perks like real prizes and airdrops. The first batch of these Priority Passes are available now at mint.zoopcards.com.

Onlyfans and Censorship

Onyfans, who announced that explicit sex would be banned on the platform last year, raised some alarms on social media.

The platform tried to justify itself by claiming that the measure “obeyed the concerns of bankers and investors” just when they were looking to raise more funds.

Many supporters found these arguments insufficient, and during the controversy many other decentralized options began to appear.

The platform then announced shortly thereafter that it had reached an agreement with content creators to allow them to continue offering their services unrestricted.


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