April Drop Date by OpenSea Teas for Solana NFTs

April Drop Date

Solana NFTs may be available on OpenSea within the next month, according to the NFT giant’s official Twitter account.

In a tweet todayOpenSea teased Solana NFT support via a 16-second video teaser. With a caption reading, “The best-kept secret in web3,” the teaser video displays the text, “wen solana?” among a collage of NFTs before stating, “April 2022.”

The specific date is still unknown, and while OpenSea’s messaging is only slightly cryptic, the announcement all but confirms rumors that the leading NFT marketplace would soon integrate Solana functionality.

Since January, rumors of Solana NFT support circulated. Screenshots online showed what appeared to be Phantom wallet functionality within OpenSea. Tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong found references to Solana as a supported blockchain while reverse-engineering OpenSea’s website, which she then shared online. OpenSea attempted at the time to distance themselves from the implication.

It seems that these rumors were true.

OpenSea remains the world’s dominant NFT marketplace with over 1.6 million ETH in sales volume transacted in March 2022, per Dune Analytics.

Magic Eden is currently leading the Solana NFT Sales market by a large margin. At the time of writing, it outperformed second-place Solanart 16-fold. Paradigm’s $27 million series A investment gave Magic Eden a boost. If OpenSea moves forward with Solana NFT functionality, it would likely have a noticeable impact on Magic Eden’s market share.

Solana will be the fourth supported blockchain on OpenSea. The other three are Ethereum, Polygon and Klaytn.

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