OPPO is preparing 2 new foldables; the Rollable is Still a Dream

OPPO Prepares 2 New Foldables

Following the success of the first foldable FIND N, OPPO is preparing 2 new foldable. These two new members include Find N’s successor – OPPO FIND N2, and a new small-screen vertical foldable display phone.

According to the Digital Chat Station’s coverage, OPPO Find N2 folding screen flagship is on the way, and in the OPPO Find N comparison, Find N2 is still a horizontal in-fold program, and the screen size is larger.

At the beginning of May, the Digital Chat Station said that OPPO’s vertical infolded screen phone is expected to be in the 5000 RMB price segment. Also, there are manufacturers of Snapdragon 8+ Generation1 large screen infolded smartphones that can be purchased at a price point of 7000 RMB) are mainly thin and light.

FIND N is OPPO’s foldable design that is almost crease-free. It uses OPPO’s self-developed precision vertebrate-like teardrop hinge, which minimizes creases and has a long service life, but the structural design is also more complex and more costly, three times the cost of other hinges.

With the support of Seiko’s proposed vertebral hinge, OPPO Find N in the unfolded state, there is no obvious crease, the screen surface is flat, this effect has surpassed most of the folding screens on the market, and can be called the folding screen benchmark.

The successor to OPPO Find N2 will continue the almost crease-free design of the previous generation. If the outer screen can be fitted with a high refresh rate then the new product is more perfect.

In addition to these two new foldable, OPPO also insists to commercialize the Rollable display – tech that has already been demonstrated. The Rollable screen is currently in an internal optimization phase. However, technical limitations have made it difficult to commercialize the product.

OPPO Rollable Phone Demo
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