Airdrop to be announced soon for Optimism and Other Exchanges: KuCoin and other Exchanges lists OP

The native token for Optimism (OP) – an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution – is prepared for its airdrop scheduled for today. Numerous exchanges such as OKX and MEXC have already announced plans to list this token, along with LBank.

OKX had announced earlier today that OP deposits will be accepted starting Tuesday at 16:30 UST. If deposits exceed the threshold, OKX will list the token and make it available to withdraw on June 2nd, 10 AM.

KuCoin also revealed that OP deposits would become available two hours prior to OKX. LBank, MEXC, AAX and MEXC have all issued their own statements.

Optimism, an EVM-compatible Blockchain, is designed for simplicity and practicality. It makes Ethereum transactions faster and cheaper than usual.

OP will be a governance token for the protocol’s Token House – one of two hubs making up Optimism’s governance system.

The Token House oversees the management of treasury money, network upgrades, and other parameters. The Citizen House will distribute retroactive goods to the public from the network’s fees.

While the token supply will total 4,294,967.296 OP, only 225,485,783 (OP) will be included in the initial circulating supply. Those eligible for its airdrop include Optimism’s early users, which accounted for over 250,000 addresses in April.

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