Optty & Payoneer Join forces to make Buy Now Pay Later available to its vast merchant base around the globe

Optty, the world’s first independent Buy Now, Pay Later integration platform, today announced that it has partnered with Payoneer (NASDAQ: PAYO), the commerce technology company powering payments and growth for the new global economy. Payoneer is the latest company to offer Opty to its global network of merchants via its Payments Platform.

Optty’s solution is increasingly being adopted by business-to-business (B2B) payment gateways and payment service providers (PSPs) to meet rising customer demand for multiple BNPLs.

“Optty is a promising new technology that provides us a way to quickly give our clients the ability to expand payment acceptance by adding new BNPL payment providers,” Keren Levy, Payoneer’s President and GM of Merchant Services. “With Optty, our merchants and marketplaces increase their global reach while offering customers the choice of their preferred payment options, localizing buyers’ experiences with their brands.”

Optty works with PSPs and payment gateways to expand BNPL across more global markets. This allows for significant acceleration in the growth of payments processing. Hosted payments checkouts are often offered by payment gateways that offer digital wallet and credit cards. Optty allows you to instantly add BNPLs.

Embedding Optty’s platform into payment gateways as well as payments service providers companies’ offerings saves these organizations thousands of hours of point-to-point integration and enables them to offer BNPLs to their merchants. Retailers simply switch on the BNPLs. Opty is also available as a white label or branded service.

“Payment gateways and service providers recognise the need to offer as many payments as possible, but the complex integration of BNPL has been a difficult barrier,” Natasha Zurnamer CEO of Optty. “Optty eliminates that obstacle and is the superhighway to revenue. Payoneer and other companies need our help to empower them. This partnership shows that our technology is able to support rapid growth of global gateways all over the globe. We look forward to being part of their success and helping many more to maximize the BNPL opportunity.”

Opty is a vendor-neutral software integration platform that allows payment gateways and retailers to easily bring BNPL offerings online and manage the BNPL user experience. The ultra-fast deployment, coupled with Optty’s transparency of all BNPL terms and conditions, delivers the data and insight to make better business decisions while accelerating sales, increasing conversions, and improving the experience for shoppers.

Optty is currently available in more than 59 countries and 36 currencies, bringing together the world’s BNPL providers in one simple and rapid integration. The platform has 185 global integrations and 41 BNPL solutions, including Afterpay.

“We are excited to be partnering with Optty and utilising their global network of payment gateways; extending Zip’s reach to even more merchants who can provide the Zip payment solution to their customers”  Levi AronZip.

Payoneer is the latest addition in the growing number of top payment gateways/PSPs that integrate with Oppty. This includes BigCommerce, Adobe Commerce and many more to help their millions customers increase sales and enhance their shopping experience by providing instant BNPL access.

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