Oracle announces the first cloud region in Africa

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Oracle, the largest database management company in the world, has opened his first cloud region (a cluster or data centers) in Africa. It is located at Johannesburg, South Africa. It joins other global players such as Amazon and Microsoft who have data centers on the African continent.

It is now the 37th Oracle cloud region, thanks to the launch of the South African data center. They expect to have at most 44 cloud regions by 2022. In addition, they will open 7 more cloud regions in Colombia. Chile, Chile, France. Israel. Mexico. Spain. Saudi Arabia. For continuing one of the fastest-growing cloud providers.

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is the foundation of Johannesburg’s data centre region. This allows customers to migrate their IT workloads to the cloud and build cloud-native applications. The organisation also offers a variety of cloud strategies and application modernization options to assist African businesses in achieving global competitiveness.

African organizations use Oracle to manage mission-critical workloads, and take advantage cloud economics. Customers will see significant improvements in performance and lower operational costs.

“Public cloud services adoption is increasing at a CAGR 25% year-on-year between 2020 and 2025 Sub-Saharan Africa. IDC projects that this growth momentum will continue,” Mark Walker (associate vice president, Sub-Saharan Africa), International Data Corporation (IDC).

Walker stated that 60% of organizations in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria plan to adopt cloud technology over the next 12-18 month based on an IDC survey. They will need to be close to the data centers to enjoy the lowest latency.

This opportunity is being seized by Oracle and other multinational corporations. Richard Smith, executive vice president, EMEA at Oracle, said that the fourth industrial revolution, which is powered cloud-led technologies has seen a significant acceleration in South Africa and other African countries. Cloud technologies have been a key part of helping African public and private sectors to ensure business continuity, provide essential services and meet changing customer expectations. The Oracle Johannesburg region provides a next-generation cloud that can run any application faster, more securely, and for less. This helps businesses increase their resilience, agility, and improve their ROI.

These announcements demonstrate that multinationals and technological giants are becoming more interested in Africa’s market as digital literacy and internet penetration increase.

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