Orda, a cloud-based restaurant management platform that Orda has been building for 18-months, has raised $1.1m pre-seed

Cloud computing has not caught on in Africa as fast as it did in the West. There are signs that the market is expanding. Cloud computing in Africa and the Middle East will be worth $31 Billion by 2026, compared to $14 Billion in 2021.

Orda Team

SeamlessHR, a Nigerian cloud-based payroll and HR management platform, raised $10,000,000 on Wednesday, January 12, 2022. The goal was to expand its business in Africa, with plans to open a shop outside Africa.

Cloud-based computing is gaining momentum in Africa thanks to new players like the Y Combinator-backed Betto or Workpay, even though the majority of these companies are in the payroll and HR management sectors.

Orda, another player offering cloud-based services, is also emerging. They are similar to payroll management and HR, but Orda also offers services for restaurant and food business owners.

Lofty Inc Capital led the pre-seed of $1.1 million, which included participation from Microtraction and Norrsken Foundation as well as Magic Fund, Ire Aderinokun and other angel investors.

Orda was launched in April 2021 by Guy Futi (CEO), Adinlewa Fikayo Akinwale, Kunle Ogungbamila and Namir El-Khouri. It’s an electronic point-of-sale (ePOS) system and restaurant management system that allows food business owners to manage all of their operations from one location.

It can also take orders from third-party apps like Jumia Foods or social media apps. These operations are managed by the platform, which provides relevant insights to customers that can help them make business decisions and grow their businesses.

Orda manages all restaurant operations. It also provides a mobile app, lightweight website and inventory management system. It allows for offline and online sales to be connected with inventory, and it also provides information about the supplies that are running out.

Techpoint Africa spoke withFuti to explain that the idea for Orda was born while the co-founders were trying to create restaurants that could support payments, transfers and logistics.

They realized that the technology would be great in many restaurants and saw an opportunity.

“Many restaurants didn’t have the right tools and software to run their businesses efficiently. So, after thinking deeply about the issue, we decided to create Orda.”

This platform makes it easy to manage restaurants online and offline.

Akinwale, the CTO, stated that Orda was created after 18 months of customer feedback. We listened to everything from how African restaurants reconcile their inventory to how customers pay to how they handle logistics. We are confident that no one has done more work than we did to create an end-to–end solution for our food-business owners. We are thrilled to bring about the much-needed digitalization of this sector.

Futi, who was previously Jumia Foods’ Managing Director, has become familiar with Nigerian restaurants and the challenges they face when it comes to managing. Futi believes this is why Orda has added credit services to its platform.

Futi stated that transactions and Gross Merchandise Value (GMV), have grown 15% each week since the startup’s inception in June 2021.

The cloud-based startup’s system is currently only available in Nigeria, Kenya and other African countries. The funding will allow the startup to expand its reach across Africa.

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