Outside Interactive, Inc. Launches Major Web3 Initiative

Outside Interactive, Inc., the world’s leading outdoor-focused tech company, unveiled plans today for the Outerverse, an adventure-minded, wellness-driven alternative to the Metaverse. The Outerverse marks the first foray into Web3 technology made by a major consumer media firm. Over the course of 2022, three components will make up the platform: Outside.io, a community-oriented creator platform, as well as an Outside-branded loyalty token. All elements will be developed in collaboration with blockchain innovators SuperLayer.io.

“The emergence of NFTs, cryptocurrency and Web3 systems is a game-changing development for media,” Robin Thurston, CEO at Outside. “Our vision is really bold: We want to harness these new technologies to get the next generation of adventurers outdoors, and we want to infuse blockchain culture with the values that our followers hold dear. Big Tech wants you to live a virtual life; we’re creating experiences and content that will help you live a real life. The Outerverse is a place where technology exists to fuel adventure, inclusivity, and sustainability.”

The Outerverse Passport will be available in Phase 1 starting in June. To be notified when the passport becomes available, outside.io followers can register today. The unique piece digital art is accompanied by real-world benefits such as early access to NFT mintings at Outside, as well as access to dozens well-known brands and influencers. Following this initial minting, Outside will be collaborating with a variety of artists to produce collectibles that celebrate our audience’s favorite athletes, destinations, and races, with a significant portion of the proceeds going to grassroots organizations working on sustainability and DEI.

This commitment to inclusivity and sustainability is reflected in every aspect of the initiative. The Outerverse will use the Solana blockchain. Its proof-of-stake method dramatically reduces its footprint in comparison to other well-known competitors. One Solana transaction consumes approximately the same amount of energy as two Google search results. Outside will also calculate, report, and neutralize 100% of the footprint of the Outerverse – in addition to actions, it’s already taken to make the entire company carbon-neutral by the end of 2026. A select group of non-profit partners will receive 20% of the net revenues from each new NFT.

“The NFT initiative is just the first milestone in a roadmap that will redefine many aspects of our business,” Thurston. “The Outerverse will also feature a platform that will enable creators to publish content to very large audiences and directly benefit from the engagement and revenue they drive. It will be a home for the world’s best storytellers and artists, with more than 10 well-known creators and athletes already on board to co-create and co-own this new ecosystem.” Additionally, Outside has partners including a variety of nonprofits, influencers and innovative brands from the outdoor, cycling, running, and wellness industries. Each partner will produce NFT projects via Outside.io in the next 12 months using the artwork they have created from their portfolios. The same percentage of net revenue will go to charity.

Outside’s technology partner is Superlayer.io, a team of experienced Web3 builders that will guide the creation of the Outerverse platforms and token economy. According to managing partner Kevin Chou, a founder with multiple successful Web3 businesses, “This initiative truly merges an innovative technology with new thinking about how to build community, reward creators more equitably, and create fun, benefit-enhanced NFTs that inspire people to get outside and stay active.”

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