Paperboat Studios Canada Launches NFT Project Tattva118 at Cannes

Toronto’s Paperboat Animation Studios Inc has a real-world utility project called Tattva118. Tattva118 creates a vibrant space for entertainment and education. Through its clearly-defined roadmap, this project will place the community at the heart of decision, contribution and impact. Its vision for life, industry and the environment will be realized. On 20 May 2022, the Tattva118 movie animation slate and Tattva118 website were launched at Cannes.

Tattva118 has picked up the most ignored subject – Chemistry. When asked “why Chemistry?” CEO Soumitra Ranade says, “It controls the existence, survival, affluence, and progress of life, industry, and environment. Hence chemistry.” When looking deeper into the structure of the periodic table, Tattva118 philosophy reveals itself as well aligned and thoughtful. The elements oxygen, hydrogen and carbon seem to control the existence of life, while elements such as calcium, magnesium, and sodium support survival. Affluence is represented by elements such as gold, silver and platinum, while rare elements like thorium and plutonium are enabling advancements in space and medical technology.

Tattva118 hopes to integrate blockchain technology into mainstream entertainment and education. Tattva118 is anthropomorphizing the known 118 elements of the periodic table and bringing them into movie-metaverse-magic. The movie domain of this project will include short films, feature films and TV Series. However, the community can also produce reels using elements as characters. The metaverse domain provides a place where visitors can Learn, Play and Meet. There will be multiple games available for all ages, including 2D and 3D animation. The project’s educational and environmental activities will be revealed to the world through the magic domain.

The first stage of the product starts with sales of 13,924 Element NFTs from their website According to co-founder Mayank Patel, “The Element NFTs are super collections of Genesis NFTs and Avatar NFTs. Paperboat’s team has given each element personality traits that have been created unique characters. This will be done for the first time in the NFT space.”

The elements’ personalities evolved from drawing inspiration from their core characteristics, role in the world, natural origins, inventors of the elements, and infusing incredible creativity while bringing them into the digital world. With the help of creative professionals, chemistry geeks, child psychologists and creative experts, the hand-drawn genesis NFTs have been created. Paperboat Cofounder and Tattva118 Chief Design Officer Aashish Mall says, “The Elements talking to us and going through the human-like issues, will help relate to chemistry for creating the best result in the life of everyone.”

Vistas Media Capital in Singapore has backed the project. The Global CEO of Vistas Media Capital, Abhayanand Singh, says, “Paperboat is a best-in-class animation studio with the most skilled and imaginative storytellers I’ve been around. This initial slate of Tattva118 puts their arsenal of talent on display and offers something for everyone around the world.” Investors across NFT, technology, and entertainment are keen on Tattva118’s uniqueness and future possibilities.

Ranade added: “Paperboat has always been at the forefront of these ever-evolving times, incubating new technologies with cutting-edge artistic pursuits. It gives us immense joy to start work on such pathbreaking projects.”

Tattva118 has the potential to change the world by offering Metaverse, Movies, Magic, as well as other content through the Web3 platform. This initiative will appeal to both crypto and non-crypto lovers by offering ownership, collaboration and monetization capabilities.


Paperboat Canada was founded in Toronto, August 2021. Its goal is to be a worldwide platform for animation films and other artwork. Paperboat India was established in Mumbai in July 2013. It has expanded internationally with many projects. Together, Soumitra Ranade and Aashish Mall have produced outstanding work in live cinema and animation.

Paperboat is currently on a journey towards building Tattva118, a blockchain-driven ecosystem that has real-world applications. Tattva118 unifies entertainment, education and the environment.

Paperboat takes a personal approach when creating a product. Its core philosophy is to combine simplicity and sophistication.

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