Patra Announces Technology Partnerships & Technology Advancement

Patra, a leading provider of technology services to the insurance industry, Xerox announced a partnership with Vertafore by joining the Vertafore Orange Partner Program. This program allows trusted industry partners integrate directly with Vertafore’s products to improve functionality and efficiency. Patra has also filed a patent application for proprietary-developed AI that is used in their Policy Checking services. This service is one of many services managed within Patra’s PatraOne technology platform that streamlines and improves the processes for Brokers, MGAs, Wholesalers, and Carriers.

By joining Vertafore’s Orange Partner Program, Patra will provide unique capabilities to its customers who use certain Vertafore agency management solutions. Patra will use this partnership to enhance CertVault’s CertVault platform with real-time coverage verification. CertVault by Patra digitally delivers these certificates to certificate holders. Patra issues more than four million certificates for insurance (COIs) each year on behalf of its brokers and agents customers. Certificate holders today lack an easy and quick way to determine if the coverage on their certificate is still valid. CertVault cert monitoring allows certificate holders to monitor the status of coverages and notify them if they are canceled or lapsed. This helps reduce risk exposure and protects both holders and insureds.

USI Insurance Services has begun rolling out CertVault throughout the country. CertVault can access CertVault’s status in real time, which will allow CertVault to monitor their issued certificates. “Partnering with Patra and combining technologies within complex services will help all parties within the insurance ecosystem,” Stew Gibson is Senior Vice President and Chief information Officer at USI Insurance Services. “Patra has clearly demonstrated their ability to apply its considerable resources and expertise to develop innovative insurance services to our industry, and CertVault is just the beginning of our combined efforts.”

The latest patent filing for Patra’s Policy Checking service, used by hundreds of insurance organizations across The United States and Canada, is a major advancement in Patra’s technology-enabled services innovations built on the PatraOne Platform. PatraOne, a proprietary technology platform, powers all services Patra offers to Broker Agents, MGAs, Carriers,And Wholesalers. Patra offers cost-effective services through its capabilities in machine learning, artificial intelligence and workflow automation.

“While the insurance market has continued to drive technology innovation, digitization, and transformation of operation workflows and tasks, our PatraOne Platform is the foundation for how we provide services,”  John SimpsonPatra’s CEO and Founder. “The new capabilities in the PatraOne platform deliver increased customer satisfaction and help streamline operations. We provide exceptional customer experience and minimize manual workflow risks for our customers. Our tech-enabled services underscore our commitment to continuous innovation by helping insurance leaders navigate today’s business environment and contain the rising costs we are all feeling today.”

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