PayArc Announces Strategic Investments from Bregal Sagemount

PayArc, the co-founders Zachary Martinez (PayArc) and Jared Ronski (PayStamp) announced a strategic partnership with Bregal Sagemount. This private equity firm provides capital and strategic support to high-growth businesses. PayArc plans to use the first round of financing for new sales channels and strategic acquisitions. It will also expand its value proposition to all members.

“We built a business with a soul that cares just as much about its employees as its agent partners and customers,” PayArc CEO, Mr. Martinez “We are a leader in the payments space because of our ability to innovate on behalf of all our constituents. Our growth is a testament to that discipline, and we’re thrilled to enter this next chapter with the amazing team at Bregal Sagemount.”

PayArc, in partnership with Bregal Sagemount will use the capital to fuel several strategic growth initiatives as well as expand its integrated payment functions.

“We have been very impressed with Bregal Sagemount’s track record of partnerships across the payments sector and proven ability to help its partners scale to new levels,” PayArc President Mr. Ronski said. “The Bregal Sagemount team has built a deep knowledge base in the industry and share our core values and vision for success. We’re incredibly proud of everything we’ve accomplished, and to have reached this notable milestone.”

PayArc’s growth has been more than 100% over the last four years with an average annual growth rate of more 1,500%. PayArc has been partnering with more than 10,000 merchants and processed $3B+ annually in omnichannel payments volume.

“We’re excited to partner with PayArc to provide the resources and operational expertise that will ensure they continue to deliver a leading integrated technology platform, drive superior payment solutions, and support their customers at the highest level,” Clayton Main, a Partner at Bregal and Sagemount, joined the PayArc Board of Directors alongside Jon Sonnenschein und Zach Month. “This is an important moment for PayArc and we’re looking forward to being part of the company’s next phase of growth.”


PayArc offers payment processing solutions for all sizes and types of merchants. PayArc enables businesses to streamline their payments processes while focusing on the important things.

PayArc continually improves its core pillars of technology and customer support. PayArc allows merchants to make faster, smarter and better decisions by allowing them to use the payments solution.


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