PEAKDEFI Launchpad launched to help DeFi Projects & Investors

Due to the rapid growth of cryptocurrency in the last decade, projects that want to see the light need easy-to-access platforms that can help them launch their product. Although this resulted in the creation of Launchpad platforms many of them were not trustworthy, transparent, or efficient.

PEAKDEFI is here to help. It targets the above (and other) issues via its newly-released Launchpad. This offers enhanced protection through a thorough due diligence process and fairness in selecting protocols and tier allocations.

Launchpad PEAKDEFI

PEAKDEFI’s Launchpad was created with the goal of satisfying both the investors and the projects that raised funds. PEAKDEFI wants to be an equal partner to help them take their projects to the next stage.

The company offers services such as marketing, fundraising, and business advice. PEAKDEFI Launchpad adheres to high standards in project evaluation. This is achieved through a 5-stage due diligence process.

The team also thought about the different types of investors by creating a tier system enabling even the smallest ones to get the right portion of each pool’s allocation.

PEAKDEFI has its own native cryptocurrency (PEAK), which powers the platform. It has a total supply of 2,000,000,000, and it’s an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. While the majority of the tokens have been distributed to stake on the Ethereum network for the first time, the founders and team only have 10%.

The token can be used to invest in crowdfunding or in the PEAKDEFI global fund. Holders also have the right of vote on any future governance proposals.

The team also mentioned the successful launch of the platform’s first product, which was very quickly sold out.


PEAKDEFI was founded in 2020 and is a self-funded project providing decentralized finance (DeFi), for the crypto community. It has released several Web 3 products and has various utilities for holders of its native cryptocurrency – the PEAK token.

Through its recently-launched Launchpad, it wants to empower creators to confidently release their projects as well as strengthen investors’ belief in the ecosystem through a five-step due diligence program.

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